Our mission

Climadapt know that climate change is not something far on the horizon, but happening right now. And the impacts today are only set to get worse in the future. The sooner people and communities can adapt and gain resilience to climate change, the easier it will be. That is Climadapt’s mission.

Working for the benefit of the community

As a non-profit social enterprise, we re-invest all our income back into the organisation and community. Our aim is to support a growing number of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who face disproportionate difficulties from climate change – from food insecurity to being unable to afford the costs of adaptation. At the same time, we want to create a more resilient social fabric, inclusive and fair to all, which can survive the impacts of climate change, whilst moving towards a zero emissions, zero waste model. These things are necessary. And they are possible. Every aspect of Climadapt’s work has this end goal in mind, and – unlike similar companies that started with a social conscience -there is no risk of that changing with us being bought up by new owners or shareholders who demand a return on their investment.

As well as being a member of Social Enterprise UK, we have also joined Business Declares and the fast growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

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