Can Role Play Help Us Adapt To Climate Change?

Starting in 2012, the New England Climate Adaptation Project (NECAP) began a new and exciting trial to attempt to draw local citizens and leaders’ attention to the effects of climate change. They began by selecting four coastal towns across the US and started researching how each town will need to adapt its way of functioningContinue reading “Can Role Play Help Us Adapt To Climate Change?”

Insurers fuelling climate crisis

By Elise Peterson-Trujillo (from Public Citizen) and Justin Stevens In August 2021, the global insurance firm AIG was the headline sponsor for the British Women’s Open Golf Tournament. In the same month, the Sixth IPCC report made clear that, in order to keep the planet within 1.5°C of warming, all fossil fuel production must beContinue reading “Insurers fuelling climate crisis”

Why an Independent Scotland is Better Placed to Tackle the Climate Emergency

In 2021 the Parliamentary Elections for Scotland returned a majority for pro-independence parties, with the support of the Green Party alongside the SNP. The momentum for another independence momentum builds.

Mitigation or Adaptation?

When we think of tackling climate change, the first thing that comes to mind is reducing greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons). Alongside this, we may consider ways to improve natural ‘carbon sinks’, such as planting forests. But there is another element – one that has, for the most part, been consigned as a secondary consideration, or even something that is deliberately avoided. It is, of course, climate adaptation.

Covid and Climate: How Much is Too Little?

The second wave of COVID-19 is still hitting many countries, and total lock-downs are the norm. Working from home and travel bans have resulted in a fall in CO2 emissions, outpacing the 2008 recession and even WWII. So has this bought us more time, and is the climate emergency now a little less urgent?