Climate Adaptation Assessments

The impacts of climate change are only set to get worse. In the UK, these include a greater frequency and intensity of storms, localised flooding, heat waves, wetter winters and warmer summers. There are also likely to be accompanying strains on infrastructure, food production and distribution, transport and livelihoods.

Climadapt will carefully assess the adaptations you need to be looking at, based upon your situation, and provide bespoke Climate Adaptation Assessments.

We will draw upon and interpret a range of complex data sources: satellite images, spatial analysis, government and local authority reports, indicators and indices, together with the detailed information you provide. We bring this all together to create an assessment that sets out the key areas you need to be prepared for, and the solutions that are available. This could span from flood defenses to storm-proofing; from adequate ventilation to fire prevention. Assessments also take into account ways in which buildings can be retrofitted to be more resilient to climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

By itself, climate data can be overwhelming and confusing, so we will make sure you are able to decipher what it entails for you – both short-term and long-term. It may be you already have a vague understanding of certain risks, or it could be you are unaware they even exist. Whatever the case, Climadapt can help improve your knowledge and resilience to present and future climate conditions.

Each Climate Adaptation Assessment is unique, albeit building upon a proven professional model that has been used by a wide range of corporations, together with local authorities and governments. Such a service has only been accessible to the largest of entities – until now.

Along with Climate Adaptation Assessments, we can also look at more wide-ranging behavioral and structural adaptations, enabling you to achieve greater levels of self-sufficiency for the challenges ahead.


The act of retrofitting a building involves upgrading it to meet better energy efficiency standards, reducing heating and electricity bills, as well as associated carbon emissions. Examples include better insulation, window glazing conversion and improved ventilation. In the process, a building can also be made more resilient and adaptive to changes in the environment, such as higher temperatures or increased intensity of rainfall.

Each of our CAAs is accompanied with a comprehensive review of retrofitting opportunities, with a combined focus on energy efficiency and adaptive capacity.


Standard CAA Small organisations Medium organisations Large organisations
For individuals or householdsLess than £50,000 turnover
From £50k-£150k turnover
Over £150k turnover
All rates inclusive of VAT. For organisations over £500k turnover, please email us to obtain a quote.

Note: All CAAs for organisations include a comprehensive climate risk assessment, as will be required by law for large companies.

Extra Support

For individuals that come from positions of significant disadvantage (whether through unemployment, low income, disability and/or other circumstances), we can provide a limited number of free CAAs.

For small charities working with disadvantaged people, we can offer a similar number of CAAs for 50% of the regular small organisation rate. Please get in touch to find out more.